When Will She Come To Her Senses? – A Rant

For a country that has the backing of the lone superpower, Israel is acting like a bully in the school yard who knows the principle, her father, will not admonish her at all. That’s what Israel has become after 58 years. A bully. And for the love of god, I am not being an anti-Jew. I am being anti-Israel. Let’s not even go into “they bombed us first” argument because it would be a never ending cycle of they did this first and they did that after.

Israel lashed out uncontrollably and without remorse against a population of at least a million in Gaza for what? Because one of her sons, a soldier, was captured by a Palestinian organisation. How many times has Israel done this? Countless number of times. If that’s enough to justify Palestinian’s suicide bombings against the Israeli’s then we can close that chapter right now. Ok, ok I promised not to go into “they bombed us first” argument but I couldn’t resist that jab.

So, a Palestinian organisation (all fingers point to Hamas but there is no confirmation of this as yet) have captured a soldier and it was immediately revealed that the organisation that had captured the soldier wanted to negotiate the release of this soldier thereby saying that the soldier would be conditionally returned. What does Israel do? Not negotiate from a strong
position. They bomb bridges, bomb power stations, bomb residences, arrest Palestinian lawmakers and politicians and reoccupy Gaza. An absolute indiscriminate and knee-jerk emotional reaction.

I have been trying to understand the reason for this indiscriminate lashing against the Palestinians but, unfortunately, I don’t know enough of Israeli and Palestinian politics to truly answer this question. Was there something brewing under the radar? Maybe pressure from the right wing in Israel (after razing a few small Israeli settlements, the new prime minister wanted to show he is still their man?), maybe the Israelis saw something strategic in returning to Gaza and this was their “reason”, maybe they truly think might is always right (which is surprising for people who have seen massive cultural wars against them). Who knows. All I know is that Israel is turning a million people (and millions more around the world) against them. Do you really think that a mother who looses her 2 year old child to starvation because of this occupation will not avenge her child’s death by blowing herself up in a Israeli mall 6 months from now?

The “they bombed us first” cycle is not over yet.

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