A Convenient Inconvenient Truth

Wow!! What a movie. Actually that’s not true. It’s not a movie at all. You can’t even call it a documentary. It’s a presentation that was captured on camera with the interludes filled up with a documentary. The presentation is an amalgamation of a number of presentations that Al Gore has been giving around the world on the dangers of global warming. It’s as simple as that. So why is it doing so well in North America?

The first and foremost reason : Al Gore.

No one would have expected a prominent politician to take on the role of the bearer of bad news on global warming especially when the country he represents is at the forefront of global warming. When campaigning for “presidentship” he must have been in touch with a lot of corporations and now he is saying that those very corporations are primarily to blame for global warming. Moreover, this is not the role that anyone saw Al Gore taking up. Yes, he was one of the politicians who always espoused the dangers of global warming (he is considered one of the key persons to have made Kyoto Treaty a reality) and was always mouthing the right words during his tenure as an active politician. But to see him take such a direct role on warning everyone of the dangers of global warming was definitely a surprise.

The second reason : The piece is a concise, direct, simple to understand and the tone very, very foreboding.

The situation now prevalent in the political circles and the MSM is that the issue of global warming is POSSIBLY because of human activity. That is such a load of crap that I don’t know whether to bring the shovel or live with the stink. Global warming we see today is because of human’s activity. Period. There are no ifs and buts about it. For some “experts” to paint such a picture is false and they are probably in bed with organisations and corporations that want to continue ra-ping mother earth. That’s the reality. And that is what Al Gore says in the piece. He gave all the facts and all the data without boring the hell out of his audience and told them why
global warming in the current human era has such a devastating effect on earth. He also should some real consequences of global warming in the piece. The visual melting of Antarctica, the visual melting on Artic, the visual melting on glaciers. These are hard facts and they cannot be thrown out of the window by saying “oh, it’s probably because of an irregularity”. We are in the midst of a climate change perpetuated by humans and only we have the power to stop this change. Unfortunately, the politicians still have not been able to decide if we are the cause of global warming or not and that’s just dumb. This is the reason why I will vote for only those politicians who have environmental friendly policies.

I just read in the Metro entertainment section that Al Gore’s piece grossed more than MI III. Even though MI III was released 3 weeks before An Inconvenient Truth, MI III had a huge marketing budget compared to Truth’s word of mouth marketing and I don’t think the movie moguls thought that their mega blockbuster would be surpassed by an independent piece in the 3rd week of it’s release!!. Truth is going to be more profitable than MI III all thanks to people who want to know more about global warming.

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