Iranian Diplomacy

From Mother Jones :

WASHINGTON—Against a backdrop of growing violence in Afghanistan and Iraq over the Memorial Day weekend, the Bush administration floated a new plan aimed at pressuring Iran to drop or curtail its nuclear ambitions. The U.S. already has sanctions against doing business with Iran. It now wants to persuade European countries and Japan to impose new sanctions on Iran, claiming these would strike a sharp blow to that country’s economy.

This will help “isolate the Iranian regime,” according to one internal Bush administration memo reported by the Washington Post last week. And it will result in Tehran being “shunned by the international financial community.”

“Isolate Iran”? But were there no sanctions against Iraq and inspection in Iraq like the ones that Bush is suggesting now? And was it not Bush who said that the these sanctions and inspections (which he is now proposing for Iran) failing in Iraq? That’s what he said numerous times. Here’s what he said about inspections and sanctions by UN on Iraq :

Some believe we can address this danger by simply resuming the old approach to inspections, and applying diplomatic and economic pressure. Yet this is precisely what the world has tried to do since 1991. The U.N. inspections program was met with systematic deception..

So why does he think that this time these sanctions and inspections will work againast Iran?

In the Bush administration, LOGIC is spelled as CRAP ON PEOPLE.

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