Bionic Man

Reality is around the corner :

The 1970s gave us the six-million-dollar man. Thirty years and quite a bit of inflation later we have the six-billion-dollar human: not a physical cyborg as such, instead an umbrella term for the latest developments in the growing field of technology for human enhancement.

Helping the blind to see again, being able to carry enormous loads without the prospect of backache and a prosthetic robotic hand that works (almost) like a real one were some of the ideas presented at a recent meeting of engineers, physicists, biologists and computer scientists organised by the American Association of Anatomists.

Do you know what I think? I think that in another 300 years or so we would be using hardware and software in conjunction with our human minds and bodies to better ourselves even when a replacement is not desired. In a 1000 years we human will become the Borgs of Star Trek (Borgs are half organic and half artificial beings and are nasty as hell). We might not be as evil
as the Borgs on the TV show but we are definitely going to get there.

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