Do Immigrants Have An Impact On The Economy?

Hmmmmm! Let’s see now.

Ever since I came into Canada in April 2002, I and my wife have brought a house, two cars, furniture and a slew of electronics. And this was all in the space of 1 year. In other words I and my wife pumped money into the house industry, the auto industry, the furniture industry and the consumer electronics industry almost CAD 120,000.

Apart from that, we brought life insurance policies, we have a mortgage, we have credit cards, we pay taxes and we have utility bills that need paying at the end of the month.

We have day to day needs which we pay for like gas, groceries, night outs, movies, books, DVDs, etc. etc. etc.

For all of you who say, immigrants come into the country and make you pay for their well being, all I can say is fcuk you.

For every refugee who comes into Canada, a lot more legitimate migrants come into Canada with money and the expertise to generate money for themselves (and, by extension, for Canada). Without immigrants Canada (and US) would be dead in 50 years. That’s the truth. The “local” population of these two countries is aging fast and the birth rates among this demography are abysmally low. It’s the migrants (turned citizens) who will be sustaining this old population. Canada and US need migrants as much as these migrants need an environment to grow as human beings.

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