News Update

A) In Ontario, MDs slam the privatization of hospitals. Ok, I am totally ambivalent about this idea. I will be putting up a post soon to try and understand why more privatization sounds like a semi-good idea.

B) Warmer Oceans linked to Stronger Hurricanes (from There has been so much speculation going on in the last few months (especially after the hurricane Katrina) about the link between global warming and the intense hurricane season. Looks like there is finally some proof that a temperature rise of Earth’s oceans is linked directly to frequent and intense hurricanes (link here). So, will the politicians of the world please sit up and notice now? In the meantime let’s all of us pledge to vote Green.

C) GOOGLE has won a round in it’s fight against the U.S. government. What’s the fight about? The U.S. administration says that it wants the company (now the leader in search engines) to provide it with a list of items searched by the US populace. The U.S. administration that this will help them confront pornography, especially child pornography, on the internet. The critics say that the current U.S. administration is as usual infringing on individual rights. They also contend that the pornography is just an excuse with the real motive being able to spy on people. GOOGLE is all about protecting U.S. citizen’s rights but the company showed how hypocritical big businesses can be. When the same request was made by the Chinese government of GOOGLE and YAHOO, these companies agreed with the government. Not agreeing to the Chinese government’s demands meant that these companies would have been shut out of millions of dollars to be made from China.

D) Tony Blair is in quite a lot of trouble. It has been discovered that his party (Labour) received massive loans from private parties for favours ranging from seats in the parliament to business deals. In spite of this I am sure that he will stay in power. Unlike Margaret Thatcher this guy never knows when enough’s enough.

E) I finally got my new play station game BLACK from eBay. MAN!!! What. A Game. Not suitable for kids under 15 at all because of free use of the four lettered words.

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