Even In Death The Bastard Lives On

Slobodan Milosevic is dead. May his soul rot in hell.

So, he is finally in a place where he should have been 6 years ago. Milosevic unleashed a reign of terror on Muslims (and other religions who were considered non-Serbs) during the break-up of Yugoslavia. It was akin to the terror unleashed by Hitler on the Jews during the 30s. The Serbian government power was used to kill, rape, pillage and uproot all that was”non-Serb” from the so-called Serbian lands.

Milosevic maybe dead but the controversial nature in which he died (in a cell in The Hague awaiting the completion of his war crime trial) keeps his infamous legacy alive and kicking. He claimed that he was being poisoned (his last three handwritten letters claimed so) by his “enemies”. With his sudden death, he will surely become a martyr in the eyes of some poordeluded Serbs who will use his image to perpetuate his crimes.

I don’t think this is the end of the Milosevic’s nightmare.

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