A Conservative/Liberal Government or How To Stop worrying And Loving The Idiots.

Ok. So I promised to explain why Steffi Graf is the Greatest Tennis Player in this post. But that post is in the works and I wanted to write about the political situation in Canada right now.

As of today, it seems that Conservatives are set to form the next Canadian government. I think you know from my previous posts that I do not have much love the Conservatives. Apart from their ridiculous ideologies, I do not appreciate their stand on health care (they want to allow privatisation), their stand on deferring capital gain tax (companies gain while the government (and subsequently the taxpayer looses)) and their stand on foreign policy (which is “bend over and let America f*ck you”).

Having said that, Liberals are not so hot either. Their leadership is severly lacking; Their policies are ignorant of the “street” situation; Their gun control policies for Canada have no direction at all; Corruption seems to permeate every pore of their party; Their stand on foreign policy (which is “let’s not say anything about the problems and they will go away”).

So what’s the solution?

Ensure that neither party has the majority.

To reign in these two major parties of Canada, you (the voter) has to make sure that there is not too much power in the hands of only one party.

“And how’s that possible?” you ask.

Vote for either the NDP or the Green Party (or the Bloc if you are residing in Quebec).

It’s as simple as that. Make sure that the Conservatives and the Liberals have to take these parties into account before forming their governments and their policies. I am not sure why the Liberals could not work with NDP in the past year or so, but the collapse of the Liberal government showed that they could not run away with crappy policies and corruption without giving the voters a chance to put in their two cents.

So, if I could vote (my citizenship is still in process), I would have voted for the Green Party. Who will you vote for?

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