US Trip – II

After immigration and security was cleared, I went to the lounge and waited to board (there were only 30 minutes left to board). Then, of course, the dreaded announcement came on that the flight has been delayed by over 1.5hours!!

Frustrated, I walked into the bar. The place was pretty crowded so when the waitress saw me all alone asked if I would mind sharing my table with someone. I was ok with it and she directed an old timer on a wheelchair tomy table. And soon enough we started to chat.

One thing that I have noticed time and time again is that if a person is over 70 years of age, they don’t hold back any information!! He told me everything about his life from the age 35 to 70!! He told me about his accident that left him incapacitated, he told me about his four marriages, he told me about his kids and grandkids, he told me about his upcoming holiday, he told me about his job and his co-workers. We were there for almost an hour and the most I talked was for 5 minutes. The rest was coveredby the old gentleman.

It was an interesting conversation (and the beer helped). It is quite interesting to see the lives of old timers. This guy had no regret about the way he had been leading his life so far. He just wanted to have a good time.

And the other really good thing I liked about him was that he did not give me any advice. I don’t really like it when old timers start to give advice.

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