The Santa Clause Parade

Rhea and I went to The Santa Clause Parade at Toronto, yesterday and we had a great time. The first thing that struck me was the fact that the spectators were teaming with kids. I think the kids out numbered the adults by 3 to 1. So what happens when kids are in a great force……everyone becomes a kid!!

There were adults and kids using chalk on the road to make pictures on King Street, there were adults and kids playing hopscotch on Yonge Street, there were adults and kids playing tag on Queen Street. The weather was a perfect 8 C and everyone was in a great mood. The best part though was the bus ride. Rhea absolutely loved the ride. She would not stop point out the buildings and cars on the way to downtown. Here is a snippet of a half an hour’s conversation we had on the bus :-


“Yes, Rhea”

“Badipaadeigoooftosatyu my toy”

“Very good”


“Yes, Rhea”

“goabadrtoaketiiforkjsd my car”



“Yes, Rhea”

“badepiecidmjheakej where’s sun?”

“It’s behind the building”

Yeah!!! LOOOOOK” as soon as she realised where the sun was.

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