Rhea : Update

Rhea is now a full time job. She always was but nowadays we have to put in over time too!!

She is learning quite a few words these days. She and I were at the Meandowvale Town Center yesterday and at the parking lot she and I spent time learning the signs on the shops. Words like “auto”, “movie” and “dominion”. The last one sounded like how I would pronounce the word if I had had a few drinks to many. We went into the library as well and spent half and hour there. The major activity was: me sitting at the low table on a cushion and Rhea bringing a book from the bookshelf, making an attempt to read the first line, grabbing the book from my hands, placing it back, bringing another book, making an attempt to read it…….repeat the cycle. This went on for almost 15 minutes before more kids came into the library and she settled down. It was quite a pleasant experience. I hope I can go back to the library often.

Rhea has also become very opinionated. I guess all the kids go through this phase. I remember my cousin Nupur in India was a very difficult child at 2 – 3 year (I have heard she still is!!) and it used to be a major task for her folks to try and calm her down. Rhea is a little like that. She is very vocal and impatient. If a job is not being performed the way she likes it, she looses it and makes an attempt to be destructive. I hope this is a phase and she will grow out of it.

Her passion for TV is always a bone of contention between us and her. We let her watch TV only if we are too busy with something or the other. The only alternative is to take her out and with winter coming in I don’t know how long I will be able to sustain it. Which is why I tried the library yesterday and it was quite different and she loved being there. The funniest part was when she started to talk to loud and I shushed her and she immediately started to talk to me in whispers!!! I had to laugh at that. I hope we can go there often.

More updates later……

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