What a stupid post that previous post was!! I don’t know why I wrote it except that I have been reading too many of such stories lately. Myapologies.

I have never been a big fan of Jazz. I have always thought about it as a form too complex & loony for me. A colleague who is big on Jazz had tried to convert my attitude towards jazz but to no success. This weekend we (my wife, me and my daughter) and a few friends went to the Oakville Jazz festival for lack of anything else to do. We arrived there about 9pm and it took us about half an hour before my daughter, suffering from a diaper rash, finally settled down. We then went to the Lakeshore road where the festival was being held. There was a huge crowd everywhere so I couldn’t really see or hear much and our immediate concern was our daughter. So when we finally got the chance to see a band start their performance we jumped at it and waited for the band to start. As soon as they hit the first note, I was hooked!!

The saxophone, trumpet, accordion all of these instruments all sounded so strange and so new!! The music had such a flow to it that for the next 10 minutes or so I could not help but smile and tap to the music. My daughter liked it too but not as much as I would have thought as she did not get off her stroller and dance around as she normally does. Maybe it was the fact that we were very close to the band and she had her hands covering her ears!! But the performance by the band (I think they called themselves the Dirty South) was awesome. After the performance we went ahead and in the main square there was another performance which again captivated me and my wife. The voice of the woman singing was enough to halt everyone in their path. And before we left we came to another performance (actually they were wrapping up) which made me a full convert. I think the Bass solo had just finished and the drummer started his solo. His performance and the fervent way in which he performed was, simply put, OUT OF THIS WORLD!! He brought the entire crowd to it’s feet by the end. So much so that there was a demandfor an encore which was met by the band.

Jazz is something I will be looking into now. I think I’d better contact my colleague again for guidance!!

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