I cannot even imagine what the Londoners are going through at this moment. Such indiscriminate attack, to cause maximum casualty, is by far the most intense form of terrorism. This kind of a terrorist attackis more common in Iraq, Middle East and South Asia but not in a western city. 911 was a shocker. No one expected that kind of audacity from the terrorists and I think I can safety say that nothing like that would happen again.

But who can stop determined suicide bombers like the ones in Madrid and London? It cannot be done militarily. Israel has been trying that for years and it has not worked. The only solution is political. At the moment some disenfranchised youth from Middle East want to inflict some sort of damage to the west because they perceive that the west is causing immense harm to their region. The solution is to engage in an honest political process to convince these youths to give up their extreme religious views and embrace political progress. Very easy to say but very, very, very difficult to follow through. But it can be done.

Even political solutions are temporary. There will always be some terrorists born in some corner of the world no matter how politically stable the world is. One man’s utopia is another man’s hell. Ladies and gentlemen, terrorism is here to stay.

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