Here we go again.

Just when you thought that the Canadian Health Care discussion were over for the season, BOOOM, it’s back.

What is it about the Canadian Health System that invokes such a debate, such pride or anguish, such anger. Why are we so touchy about the Health Care system here in Canada? What does this mean for Canada at large? Such questions are better answered by people more qualified by me. All I can offer is how this decision would/could affect me.

Recently we had to take our daughter Rhea to the hospital at 11pm because she would not stop throwing up everything. It took us 4 hours before the doctors finally examined her (3 hours of her throwing up water, juice or whatever the hell we gave her). I must admit that it was one of the most harrowing nights of my life (so far!!)

4 hours!!! WTF!! Is this how our medical system helps us? By making a 1 and half year old child wait for 4 hours? Since then I avoid going to hospitals until and unless I know it’s a dire emergency. I am sure that’s not what was in the minds of the creators of the Health Care system.

So how does this decision help someone like me and my daughter?

It does not help at all.

We are a middle income family of three, we pay our taxes, we make sure our RRSP contribution is utilised to the fullest we can afford, we make sure that we make contribution to the fund set up for our daughter’s education etc. etc. etc. So at the end of the month there is no way, no way, we can afford to shell out more for a private health insurance policy. Nor can we afford to pay cash for a medical procedure at a private clinic which are bound to come up sooner or later. So we will continue to use the public health system

I will take up this issue in my next post. (Update (15th June 2005):Too busy for this post at the moment)

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