The Gay Marriage Issue

I was over at the this site and came across this discussion. I participated in this discussion as well and could not understand the main theme of the discussion that same-sex will end religion as the bill will be used to attack religious person(s). I just don’t understand the link between the two.

I then came across this link. This person was the main debater in the discussion against the proposed bill. If you read through the link (which is basically a speech) you will notice the “calm” and “factual” speech that this person gives. But the content is pure bigotry.

Even though he starts off with the words “Canada prides itself on religious freedom and religious tolerance” nowhere does he mention that Canada also prides itself on Human Equality. To me Equality epitomise Canadian culture. Everyone is equal regardless of their colour, background, religion and SEXUALITY.

Unfortunately, the speaker refuses to understand this point. According to him catholics are in danger because of the same-sex bill. Their religion will be destroyed. Their lives will be destroyed and the very basic principle of human rights in Canada will be destroyed. Throughout the speech all he has done is give examples of how religious people have been attacked by the government for practicing their religion. He gives the example of a how a person carrying a placard in front of the entrance of an abortion clinic saying “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is arrested. The speaker says that his rights were violated. Of course, the speaker neglects to inform his audience that it is against the law to protest within a certain limit of an abortion clinic in Ontario. How were his rights violated? The speaker gives numerous similar (ridiculous) examples each one of which can be explained away through the correct interpretation of the law of Canada and/or the province.

That’s what the difference is between gay marriage proponents and opponents. To the proponent this issue is a dead issue. No matter how much the opponents try, same-sex marriage WILL BE THE NORM sooner or later (going by this news….maybe sooner). How this bill will “tear the fabric of religion and traditional marriage”….I have no clue. Same-sex marriage has been legal in Ontario for 2 years now and I don’t see the divorce rates suddenly increasing, I don’t see people’s lives being destroyed, I don’t see any child’s life being destroyed.

Just as inter-racial marriages were a big issue 50 years ago and are a non-issue now, gay marriages will not be frowned upon in another 10 years.

To me this whole issue is a waste of time and energy.

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