Finally got my ipod. All I can say is that for all the hype that this product has received….it’s totally justified!!

It’s just an amazing, amazing product. I have already loaded 10 CDs onto the player and it’s barely scratched the surface on the disk space!!

The interface is truly amazing and the ease of downloading songs onto the player is ziiiiiiiiiip!!

Now the cons….it’s heavier than I thought it would be. I know I am just complaining after all I am getting 10GB of memory but it always announces it’s presence when I go for a walk by slapping against my thighs. I will have to spend another 20 – 30 dollars to buy a clip on for it.

I had calculated the disc space I would require (based on my current collection and the music I will be buying in the future (I buy approx…. 2 CDs every month)) and came up with a figure 10GB being more than enough for me for the next 2 years or so. But the ripped MP3s are really not that small. I may have been skipping over an option to compress them even further (or maybe use a different format) but based on the current usage I would require 12GB just for my current collection!! Or my original calculations were wrong (even though I verified with a colleague who already had an Ipod)

The Ipod has functions like Calender, Games, etc. I don’t understand why a MP3 player has to have these functions. Waste of space….Apple could have added something better than these functions.

I got the Ipod from eBay….a refurbished model (with a 1 year warranty from Apple) although in hindsight, I should have brought it off the shelf. The product works fine but not all the accessories were sold with the unit so I had to figure out what was missing and then go and buy it from Best Buy (a store I detest for it’s prices).

All in all a great product. You should try it.

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