Bruce Willis

The whole office has the Bruce Willis fever….he is shooting a scene here in Toronto next to our office building.

The first time you see him it’s a shock cause he is not as tall as the movies make him out to be. And then you realise that even though he is not a tall guy, he does look like someone who could beat the crap out of you if you pissed him off.

The thing I like about him is how he is carrying himself in the melee of gawkers, traffic, crew, gawkers and gawkers. He is completely nonchalant about being the centre of attraction. There he is minding his own business and doing his (millions of dollar worth) job while all of us are fawning over how he holds his cup or he is holds the folder while learning his lines!!

One thing I noticed was that shooting a movie is a tedious and an extremely boring job even if you are paid millions!! We got bored just watching him shoot the same scene over and over and over and over and over and over again. Not only that you have to really get into the role. It is pretty cold here in TO (I know May around the corner and we still wearing leather jackets!!) and the scene being shot was a “summer” scene so everyone include Mr. Willis had to be in t-shirts. Very difficult to do when the temperature with wind chill is 3 C!!

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