A long gap

I know baby, I know. I have been neglecting this blog for sometime now. I am sorry but the last month or so have been excruciatingly busy. Anyway, onto the journal…..

Let me describe the evening I spent with you yesterday. I come home by 5.15pm and after giving you a kiss….which you think is a major invasion of your privacy and you defend yourself with all your might….I ask you if you want to take a bath. The mere mention of a bath (in your language it’s called naeenaee) threw you in a euphoric fit. You race to the bathroom and start to dance and scream and shout. I take off your clothes and in you went. The first thing you do was to catch hold of your favourite mug and start to fill it with water which you then pour on your toys. To lather you I ask you to stand up and gleefully you got up and start to chuck water on my arms and face. You got away with these antics only because I have not seen you for the entire day and have missed you terribly. After you are “soaped” I sit next to you and read to you “Anne Frank : Dairy of a young girl”. Each day I read you one dairy entry which of course you ignore but at the moment this is the only thing I will read to you. I can bear you insisting on listenning to your music in the car, I can bear you insisting on putting the Baby Genius DVD when you have your meals but I will not compromise on reading until you ask me to read to you something else. After 10 minutes or so I pull you out of the tub (not without a struggle) and take you to your room. I select your clothes and proceed to apply body lotion on you. All this while you and I are having a singing competition (ranging from “Happy Birthday To You” to which you reply “Happeeee Babeeee” to “A, B, C D….” to which you reply “B. B. B. B….”) or generally laughing at each other. This is quite rare because you are usually in a bad mood when we remove you from the bath tub.

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