First phone conversation

We had our first conversation today!!! Your mom called me and as usual you insisted on taking the phone from her but this time instead of disconnecting me right away, you started to talk to me!!! It was the best conversation I have had on the phone…ever. I really needed something to cheer me up as I was having a bad time in the office and you voice and your long statements – mmgfkjkamhirenpnksdf – were exactly what I needed. I kept egging you on “and then what happened?” “khiowebjudsafbjhkndsfjnk”. “Really? What did you do then?” “iuhjewrhhjbsfglkasdfhjopsdfjk”. It went on for a minute or a minute and a half. And then your giggle. It never fails to bring a smile to my face!!


Things happening in the world

  • Elections in Iraq and the response was overwhelming. Iraqis can out in droves despite having been warned by terrorists not to do so. It was an amazing sight on the TV and newspapers
  • Because of the elections in Iraq, Bush and his croonies (and all the conservatives) cannot stop themselves from gloating
  • Same-sex bill Is being discussed in the parliament. Hope it gets through.

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