First boo-boo

Yesterday you fell down the stairs!!! We are not sure how many steps but it couldn’t have been more than 4. We were in the kitchen preparing for dinner and we could hear you climb and and down the steps to the basement. Then after a little while we heard you play with your toys. As we were almost done we didn’t pay much attention to the fact that you had again started to climb the steps (your mom or me always watch you climb as you are a little wobbly in that area). Then it happened. BOOOM. We ran down and saw you lying at the bottom of the stairs crying your heart out (did I mention that you have a peculiar way of crying? More on that later.) Your mom reached you first, picked you up and started to cry as well. I noticed that you had a bump under your right eye. I ran my hands all over you (your arms, legs, head etc.) to make sure that you had no other injuries. Poor you…how you cried!! It must have really hurt. I and your mom have promised each other to always look out for you until you are stable on the stairs. Sorry baby….


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