Trip to US

The trip to US to visit Ginni, Vandana and Naina was quite fun. We met your cousin who is quite a cute little girl. The best thing was that you totally loved her!!! Whenever someone was holding Naina, you would run to her shouting BABEEEE and then hug her. It was adorable. The only concern was whenever you said BABEEEE, you would point to her and bring your finger a centimetre away from her eyes!!!

You also were totally in love with Ace (Ginni’s German Shepherd). You would touch him, claw at him and try to pull his tail. You just weren’t scared of the dog at all. He did growl at you a couple of times but Ginni set him straight. After that whenever he saw you, he would run away which thrilled you even more.

You are becoming quite a handful these days. the worst thing is that you have started to eat less and less. I hope this is just a phase. The other thing is that you really need constant attention. We do give you are undivided attention but there are times when we need to be doing other things. In those times you really drive us up the wall. Your mom is convinced that you are going to be are one and only child at such times!!!


Things that have happened today :-


1) Bush has won the election. The political battle was really brutal.

2) My mausiji and cousin (Saumya) are scheduled to arrive tomorrow for their landing. It should be fun.

3) Your mom did not get good marks in her dental exams. She is going to try again in May and if she does not clear it again, we are toying with the idea of moving to the US.

4) Green Day’s new album “American Idiot” is awesome. That’s all I listen to nowadays.

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